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Dr Ronzoni has several publications in social, rural and cultural psychiatry, with particular emphasis on ethnicity; stigma, migration and culture and their impact on mental health, mental illness and interventions. He has worked in academic psychiatry in topics centred around improving children’s health inequalities and access to services, their experiences of mental health services and quality mental health indicators. 

Peer reviewed articles


  • Dos Santos AJ, Rachkorsky LL, Dogra N & Ronzoni P (2017), Perceived experiences of discrimination and mental health outcomes in Brazilian undergraduates. Revista Servico Social & Saude, Brazil 15, 2 (22): 273-298

  • Svirydzenka N, Ronzoni P & Dogra N (2017), Barriers to quality care service provision in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services: Stakeholder perspectives. Child and Adolescent Mental Health. BMC Health Services Research 17:151

  • Ronzoni P & Dogra N (2012), Children, adolescents and their carers’ expectations of child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS). International Journal of Social Psychiatry 58(3): 328- 336

  • Dogra N, Omigdodun O, Adedokun T, Bella T, Ronzoni P & Adesokan A (2012), Nigerian secondary schoolchildren’s knowledge of and attitudes to mental health and illness. Child Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry  17(3): 336-353

  • Ronzoni P, Dogra N, Omigbodun O, Bella T & Atitola T (2010), Stigmatisation of mental illness among Nigerian schoolchildren. International Journal of Social Psychiatry 56(5): 507-514

  • Ronzoni P (2009), Did you see?  Diversity in Health and Care 6(1): 63-64


Books and chapters


  • O’Reilly M, Ronzoni P & Dogra N (2013), Research with children: Theory and Practice. Sage Publications  

  • Dogra N, Karim K & Ronzoni P (2010), Migration and its effects on child mental Health in Migration and Mental Health (Bhugra D & Gupta S eds.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

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